Nauticorn Edition

The “Nauticorn Edition” is a young collection of scores and audible material of Rock Violinist¬†Ally Storch and her Progressive Violin Metal band “Ally the Fiddle“.

Beside our live performance we are also deeply interested in pedagogical questions. That regards especially the violin, because she left her classical context not even a long time ago*. Two points are in focus for this collection:

  1. To learn violin – also without any teacher, like it is already usual for many guitar schools for instance.
  2. To play and learn violin without an education in classical music. “Classical” pieces are not anymore that much appealing to many people, especially the younger generation. Additional the traditional teaching “obstructs” sometimes the entering of other musical genres or a natural handling with the instrument. So we are searching for a kind of symbiosis, where the valuable basics of the “classical” music and the special skills, used for the “popular” music can be combined.

In our musical view “classical” and “popular” music definitely belong together.

(* The violin had always its own life beside the “classical” music. Als folk instrument for instance. But her role in the “popular music” was increased with the invention of amplify methods for the violin.)