About us

We are Ally Storch and her band “Ally the Fiddle“: Robert Klawonn (guitar), Diemo Heuer (guitar), Simon Tumielewicz (bass) und Stefan “Huky” Hukriede (drums).

“Ally the Fiddle” was founded in 2008. Its musical style might be named as  “progressive violin rock and metal”, influenced by great violinists such as Jerry Goodman or Jean-Luc Ponty and by important guitarists like Allan Holdsworth or Mathias “IA” Eklundh. The band had already been on support tour with famous rock artists, like “U.F.O.”, “Bobby Kimball (singer of Toto)” and “ASP”.

Ally Storch (Editor)

Is classical studied violinist and works freelance as rock violinist now for many years. She is now a high demanded live, studi and guest musician. The variety of her bands and Allyprojects made her beeing familiar with lots of musical genres; so in rock/metal and jazz.

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Robert Klawonn (Guitarist)

RobRobert is the ingenious finger board racer of the band, writes progressive riffs and plays additional in the  metal band “Poised” from Berlin. His great skills he expands every year in the “Freak Guitar Camp” in Sweden or takes lessons with famous guitarists (Markus Dehml, Victor Smolski etc.).

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Stefan “Huky” Hukriede (Drummer)

Trained due many years of live performance in various bands, especially in the genres folkHuky rock, cover and rock/metal. Huky is a high demanded drummer, who has been already at the “Summer Tour” of the NDR or was playing for the ZDF with Robin Gibb (“Bee Gees”). What makes him so special as drummer is, that he can also offer his skills as percussionist.

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Simon Tumielewicz (Bassist)

Simon is our new member, lived already all over the world and plays with his mates of “Gebruder Grimm” and “Gregor Friday”. This man has got the Groove!