New Scores: Subway To Sally

Ally Storch’s intro for (six string) violin solo for the song “Für immer” as played in the tour „Eisheilige Nacht 2016“ with Subway To Sally.

Also usable for four string violin by simply ignoring the octavations.

New Scores: King Crimson

After performing King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King” with the GAOM-All-Star-Band (at the label’s night of “Gentle Art Of Music”), Ally decided to write down a possible version for violin. So feel welcome to check out the scores.



Unfortunately we are not able to deliver your items until January, because Ally is on tour until December 30 2016. We furtherer take your orders, but send your items from January 2 2017. We hope you will understand!


New items

We were able to add a few new and very nice items to our shop. So we are now having plecs with the comic faces of our band and bracelets. All for a very small price.

Check it our at the new category “Trifles“.

Available again

The book “Violinstimmen zu 10 Songs von ASP und Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern” was delivered and is now available again.

Music Sheets

Restock of the first edition

We can proudly announce, that our first edition of “violin parts to 10 songs of ASP and Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern” is currently sold out. The live tour “Dunkelromantische Frühlingsnächte” (“dark romantic spring nights”) 2014 of Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern had been a huge success for our small edition.

So we are now waiting for the second edition and the music sheets will be available again at April 17th 2014. (Of course you can still order now.)

Many thanks for all the support by Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern and Asp himself!!!

For Beginners

One of the most replies, since the first store book was released:
“Well, if I could play any instrument…”.

Just have a look at this site. There is now a category “Beginners”, where is easily explained, how to create the first tones on a violin. And a violin can be bought now everywhere for a sensational low price.

Be attentive not to buy an instruments, which is way too cheap. They are usually not ready to be played and not worked out properly. It is better to lend an instrument from a violin maker or to buy one through a common music shop. Normally a few hundred Euros are needed. But of course you can also be lucky with a private seller.

ASP violin parts

Now available:



“The new score book of Ally Storch. 10 selected songs of ASP and Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern, completely notated for violin and all c instruments, like flute, ukulele etc.. The book contains a full version for advanced and a simplified version for beginners and is written in German and English.

Song selection: Biotopia + :Duett + Krabat + Nie mehr! + Denn ich bin der Meister + Mein Herz erkennt Dich immer + Und wir tanzten + Unverwandt + Werben & Soli + Stille der Nacht”

With mp3s for practise online.